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Thailand sets out seven conditions for foreign arrivals without quarantine


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3 minutes ago, smedly said:

correct, they are making something very complicated that doesn't need to be, plus what exactly is open ? and talk of vans driving around in Bangkok randomly testing foreigners 

Yeah those Swab Centers, were in some articles, and I don't think they were talking about where US navy enlisted newbie sailors hang out

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Looks simple enough,but i still watching what happens after nov 1 has passed.I,am waiting to return looking at dec,Early jan.No one wants the 14 day stay in bkk,this is the one thing that will stop tourist coming.

 Don,t mind the test,but i don,t want them chosing my hotel in bkk for a day.Travel insurance always is more than 50k in dollars.So if things all go to plan for everyone thailand will  get tourist  and we will be back

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29 minutes ago, bkk6060 said:

I hope not, but they have talked about insurance for a few years now I think this has given them an excuse to implement it.

What is the difference on showing/proving insurance coverage and showing/proving a vaccine certificate?   They may just have you verify it online prior to travel as they do now.  Or, I have an Aetna insurance card with specific coverage show this or something similar upon departure or entry.




Potential travelers to Thailand have to apply online for a 'Thailand Pass'. This means submitting several docs online including proof of Covid- 19 Health insurance with a specific cover. 


So seems that the health insurance requirement is checked before the 'Thailand Pass' is issued.


But of course it could be that on arrival the traveler must show the original document. But that possibly just means 'show it' (the original does exist), rather than staff at the airport

scrutinizing/investigating the policy.

api.js.download - Shortcut.lnk

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