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Shabu shop hits back with defamation threat against complaining customer


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2 minutes ago, theoldgit said:


I don't think many restaurant staff appreciate being told that the food served is not up to a good standard, so their response would not be in their script.


We went to a restaurant in Phuket a couple of weeks ago, an international franchise which boasts American food along with rock music.


I ordered a steak, which cost a tad over 1,750 Baht, when the server came and asked if everything was ok, my response that it was probably the worst steak I'd ever been served, and held up the steak which was just fat and grissle, she looked like a rabbit stuck in a cars headlights, to lighten things I added that "the broccli was nice though", there was a big smile on her face and a "thank you", and off she went.


I do have some sympathy for restaurant when diners who overfill their plates at these sort or outlets, especially when they don't eat all they've taken, but I'm sure it's costed into the price they charge.


I don't believe that threatening to sue disgruntled diners for defamation is a particularly good business model.

Last sentence .....agree...it publicizes the whole issue to the nation.....but defamation seems to be the 'go to' here.

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58 minutes ago, webfact said:

The customer and his party were fined 1,000 baht because they didn't eat up all their food.

The thing I do not understand is,  If they had eaten it all no fine?

So if that is the case who cares that they didn't eat if after piling it on it tasted bad?


Either way should end the same,

In the customers stomach or in the trash what is the difference if the price was set at all you can eat

Otherwise they need to weigh every uneaten portion & fine every customer that didn't eat all

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