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Thailand sees rise in severe COVID-19 cases after easing of restrictions


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Thai pulmonologist suggests government to delay its Covid-19 announcement as endemic as daily infections continues to increase

By Nop Meechukhun



PHOTO: Dr. Manoon Leechawengwongs


Bangkok –Thailand’s prominent doctor Manoon Leechawengwongs suggested the government to postpone its Covid-19 announcement as endemic from July 1st, stating that the number of daily infections is still increasing.


The pulmonologist wrote his statement online today, June 30th, that it would be better if the announcement of the virus being endemic was postponed for a while until the situation is resolved.


He wrote: “Now, all hospitals in Bangkok are accepting more Covid-19 patients. Vichaiyut Hospital has to reopen one more ward for Covid-19 patients after it was closed for a while.


Full story: https://thepattayanews.com/2022/06/30/thai-pulmonologist-suggests-government-to-delay-its-covid-19-announcement-as-endemic-as-daily-infections-continues-to-increase/


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We talk about common sense, critical thinking,  got to live with it?

Yet so many due to their own personal reasons have took it on themselves to think the virus is gone.  Until it is living with it to me mean limit yourself to exposure. When and where to wear is step one plus I don't think the CCSA can't help but to scare everyone for control will they be relevant after it is over? 

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7 hours ago, RichardL said:

It was always going to though. That's kind of how these things work. Weaker (in terms of impact) viruses spread more easily. 

Unfortunately many still panic about case numbers, even the the fatality rate has diminished massively. Covid's fatality rate is no longer at a level that warrants emergency measures.

And you are speaking with the experience of having had  Covid? Just asking

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Yes we still have to take precautions.  And I commend people that still are doing so. And have the rational to do so.  Unfortunately some people prioritize going to a bar or a nightlife venue than common sense.  
The majority of the people in Bangkok not wearing masks I see are foreigners.  One of the members on here mentioned mask wearing is still required in hospitals.  Last week I went to a major private hospital in Bangkok that I go to.  A number of foreigners were not wearing masks.  Staff said nothing to them. 

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