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Thai Immigration continues overstaying crackdown, passport checks take place across Pattaya


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22 minutes ago, Onerak said:
  29 minutes ago, riverhigh said:

Crapt!! The thought of accidentally losing or damaging my passport to follow the letter of the law is a real pain. The cost and time involved in replacing the passport is significant. Unfortunately Thai lowmakers do not take this into consideration when making regulations. TIT.

BS posting. The immigration clearly says that they will accept pics of passport and visa stamp in phone. Which I always keep. They can check validity of your passport and visa using their mobile phone. 

Please provide the link to the Thai law or immigration regulation stating that immigration is lawfully required to accept pics and visa stamp on your phone. I will save you the time, there is none. However, I will provide you with a link to a reputable source on what has happened in the past to foreigners caught in a raid;


“So, do you need to carry a passport in Thailand? Yes, there is a requirement for all tourists to carry their passports in Thailand at all times. Thai authorities might request to show a passport during raids on nightclubs, at roadblocks, and on other occasions. It is possible to get around Thailand without carrying a passport, but there is a risk of 2000 Baht fine for not having a passport with you.”


https://www.thaizer.com/carrying-your-passport-in-thailand/#:~:text=“By law%2C you must carry,produce their passport upon request.

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