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Isaan Woman


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4 minutes ago, Celsius said:

Ummm.... they were nice because they needed something.





Oh … what the love of a good man someone to fix a leaking pipe ? 

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1 hour ago, BritManToo said:

True for many women, no matter where they come from.

I'd just move to Pattaya/Hua Hin/Chiang Mai without her and enjoy life as a single guy again.

I never had that much fun paying for all those small beers as the ‘ permission to stay ‘ Tax

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14 minutes ago, Moonlover said:

I've been married, in turn to an English woman, an anglicized Indian woman and now an a Thai woman from Issan and that is where we now live.


If you were to line the three of them up right now and invite me to choose again, I'll take my Issan gal anytime thank you very much.


Personally I don't think that the O/P's woes are anything to do with the fact that his wife's an Issan gal. It's the woman you choose, not where she comes from that counts and of course one's own temperament! Let's not forget that rather important aspect.

Although I agree with you that I chose wrong. I’m stuck with the 5hit house now. 

And I agree that alot of the Falangs here bring it on themselves, like Colin. 

My point is that I she a lot of strong minded shouty women up here and that goes for the young ones who try to emulate the older mothers. 

If guys mixing with these women in what ever settings they are procuring said women knew what they heading to they would think twice and maybe head to Scunthorpe to procure a life partner 

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