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Thai Royalists Gather at US Embassy, Petition US to Stop Intervening with Thai Politics


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7 minutes ago, edwinchester said:

Yeah, you'd think they'd have the brains to let the haircuts grow out a bit more before trying on this stunt.

What I was thinking

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1 hour ago, zzaa09 said:

Brian Berletic/Tony Cartalucci will be proud of such activity....

You got it.


I got a whiff of BB/TC too. Right off the bat.

Except I'd not be surprised if he was - beyond being 'proud' of these extreme yellow goons - up to his neck in being part of it.

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Posted (edited)
58 minutes ago, dinsdale said:

You are all wrong. i have to agree with this group 4 people shown in the image that the US influenced a vote of around 25,000,000 people in Thailand that the three pillars along with many other things, e.g. monopolies, needs reform. It's obvious. Damn you Americans. You should stay out of Thailand's 'democratic' process.

I like every other lay person have no proof that the CIA has any involvement ! Imop But they are a rather secretive agency who has ways of performing covert operations .imop

“Americans have been understandably outraged and alarmed about foreign electoral interference. But the practice is not new; in fact, the United States was for a long time its leading exponent. | REUTERS”



The leaders in many countries are very powerful especially the ones who grew from

the military complex! Imop

It wouldn’t surprise me if they make accusations of foreign interference through passive media campaign propaganda efforts imop.


“Former CIA Director Leon Panetta said that the agency doesn’t alter votes or spread disinformation, but does influence foreign media outlets to “change attitudes within the country.” Panetta told Shimer that the CIA would occasionally “acquire media within a country or within a region that could very well be used … to deliver” messages, or try to “influence those that may own elements of the media to … cooperate, work with you in delivering that message.” 


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Just now, dinsdale said:

I can tell you haven't thought deeply about this. The USA had absolutely nothing to do with this overwhelming vote against the military in government in Thailand. This was the Thai people and the Thai people alone.

Your right I havent thought about this much! No need too.

I happen to see the head line in the thread and followed it up with some opinions and ex CIA officials comments in the sources I linked.

If I offended you in anyway my apologies.

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