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Customers Complain of Bank App Deducting Money Every Minute by 33.28 Baht


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As per the bank's response:


'Customers can also choose to enable or disable online usage functions through the ttb touch app by going to Settings >> Debit Card Management >> Set Spending Limits and Card Usage >> Authorization >> Select Disable Online Purchase Authorization.'


Online purchase authorization should only be enabled when about to make an online purchase and should then be immediately disabled again.  I had this exact problem with my TTB debit card, some time ago.  Someone had managed to get hold of my card number and security code and had made an unauthorized purchase for 32 Baht.  I still have no idea how this happened but TTB advise me whenever my account is accessed so I was able to immediately block the card.  They issued me with a new card and refunded the 32 Baht.


The new card is only enabled for online purchases when I actually use it for that purpose.

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50 minutes ago, John Drake said:


I found out last week that I am only notified through a text message of a banking transaction if it is 50 baht or more. Was told if I wanted to be notified of lesser amounts, then I need to pay extra.

My bank it's 500bht...

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1 minute ago, noobexpat said:


The ones were someone states: knew it!

Are you mentally challenged in some way?


Well, I thought we all were to a certain extent, take me for instance..........😜

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I pay 15bht a month for the BKK Bank SMS message when my account is used, anything under 500bht, no SMS. Their 15bht or Lazada refund under 500bht does not show, I just had a Lazada refund for 500.29bht, I got an SMS..

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5 hours ago, mikebell said:

At 32 baht a minute they are laughing all the way to the bank!

I'm aware of a case at a very large bank about 30+ years back, the bank had some level of basic computerization.


After an investigation the bank discovered that an employee was skimming 25 satang off every account early morning and once a week or similar.


It had gone undetected for many months, but when investigated the employee was charged and did jail time. 25 satang not even noticed by 99.9% of customers but together quite sizeable total amount. 

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