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US Supreme Court rules Colorado cannot ban Trump from presidential ballot

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1 hour ago, thaibeachlovers said:





Note the UNANIMOUSLY. I doubt they even wasted time discussing it.


Had the SCOTUS let it stand, Biden would probably be banned from every GOP run state. It was always a stupid decision and shame on those involved that sought to void democracy to prevent a man that has not been convicted of the charges laid from running for POTUS.


They must be terrified of Trump winning to try such an idiotic scheme.

The reason they ruled so quickly is tomorrow is Super Tuesday 22 states hold primaries otherwise they most likely would have dragged it out like the imunity or should I say the impunity case that’s the big one

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1 minute ago, illisdean said:

Hopefully for Biden, there are no stairs leading to the debate stage or he'll get real lost real quick and Jill will need to hold his hand and guide him. LOL

She was an Education Major, so it's Dr. Jill! 

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9 minutes ago, illisdean said:

LOL...what happened to Colorado legal process at SCOTUS yesterday to remove Trump from the ballot. 


The Democrat lawfare operatives’ seething anger at the 9-0 decision is truly comical. They are really angry at the 3 lib judges for refusing to debase themselves. Because these operatives’ legal arguments were so bad. Like true sociopaths, they have little ability to introspect and now these Colorado legal imbeciles look like the imbeciles they are. 

The Colorado determination stands!

SCOTUS didn’t mention it.

What SCOTUS did was to void a part of the constitution ruling states can't enforce it.

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