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Songkran Water Splashing Causes Viral Fight in Phuket


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3 minutes ago, wensiensheng said:

And you differentiate the two how?


Those not wearing a shirt DONT want to be sprayed? 


People may not wear a shirt for a number of reasons, one of them being water-splashed by some other bugger

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Can't wait till tomorrow 16th when 'our village' has our Songkran party, starts in the evening outside 7/11 on the road, loud music, water trucks, spraying over the whole lot, big fat ladies up on the the back of pick ups,  gyrating to the music,  :tongue:  everyone pissed goes on till about 1 am. the traffic is normally diverted around the back of 7/11, any songthaew taxis coming from the ferry until it stops running will be prime targets, they have to pass though our village. :cheesy: :intheclub: :drunk: :burp: 


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Water gun incident sparks foreign tourist dispute at Songkran event
by Top 



Picture courtesy of Pattaya News


The lively Thaweewong Road, on Patong Beach in Phuket, bore witness to a heated dispute between two foreign visitors at a Songkran event. This incident, occurring around 4.20pm on April 13, was sparked by a minor altercation involving a water gun.


The Songkran event is renowned for its playful water fights, which are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. Despite the jovial atmosphere, tensions flared when a foreigner, wearing no shirt but riding a motorbike taxi, became upset after another foreigner sprayed water on him.


The eyewitness, Nopparat Yiwa, a Civil Defense Volunteer, recounted the event to local media outlets in Phuket. According to his account, the shirtless man was not the initial target of the water gun. Instead, the water was sprayed on the motorbike taxi rider. This, however, did not prevent the shirtless man from taking offence, leading him to retaliate physically against the perpetrator, who was clad in a black shirt.

Nopparat further detailed that his companion had tried to intervene and defuse the situation but to no avail. The escalating conflict eventually drew the attention of the Patong police officers, who were successful in calming the situation and separating the two men.

The water gun incident was seemingly trivial, yet it spurred a reaction of high intensity from the shirtless foreigner. Despite the altercation, the police have considered the incident closed, as neither man involved has pursued legal action or filed police reports.


The viral video of the dispute circulated widely on Thai social media, serves as a reminder of the potential for tension amidst the otherwise jovial Songkran festivities on Thaweewong Road, Patong Beach, a popular destination for both Thai and foreign visitors, reported Pattaya News.


In related news, Thai netizens condemned two foreign men for spray-painting graffiti on a footpath and several spots in the Patong neighbourhood of Phuket.


The Facebook page, โหดจัง จังหวัดภูเก็ต (meaning so brutal, Phuket province), shared the 13-minute video of the two foreign vandals on March 23.


Source: The Thaiger 2024-04-15


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11 hours ago, JoseThailand said:

I totally understand his feelings. You can spray those who want to participate, but leave alone those who don't!

I agree but good luck with that with the dickhead farangs .

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4 hours ago, klauskunkel said:

in related news:

A new human subspecies has been discovered in Thailand: Homo Idioticus Songkranensis

Been around a long time!


Still, an interesting species. As it ages, and it's physical condition umh deteriorates, it migrates to South East Asia from predominantly Northern European colder climes. Sheds it's plumage to the bare minimum, consumes industrial quantities of alcohol and ventures forth, into a second childhood, convinced that it's semi clad distressed body playing in water makes it absolutely irresistible to the local women! This often leads to aggression, frustration and fights, often ending in tears. Most return to their home environments after a couple of weeks, to brag (somewhat unbelievably) about their amorous conquests and physical superiority. 


The bare bones of a dissertation?

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