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Female police save woman from drunk foreigner during Songkran


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4 minutes ago, BritManToo said:

They would have called him farang if he was white!

You  prefer  differentiation? Perhaps he" was a swarthy  Welshman ? What say  you then Scouser?

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Miss Spell
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7 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

, received a distress call from the public about a quarrel. Without hesitation, they sprinted towards the scene.

so why didnt the girl walk away as thais dont like confrontation?..seems theres more to this...did she make him an offer?..she cant scream with tons of thai males around?...someone had to call the cops instead of asking a fellow thai for help...seems there is more to it.....and the latter of the quote..try finding thai cops on any other day sprint--or even show up after dark unless doing a dwi checkpoint to bribe cash..

and they just let a drunk man walk away to commit same offense....sounds like a ST proposition gone wrong in my 15 yrs exp in LOS

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He paid for his turn, and then she saw the police and faked so she got the money anyway, and YES there are a lot of ho****s on khao san road these days, not like before  mostly wannabe hippies

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