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Thai police seeking spyware that will help it monitor chat applications


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oh ho...so now we will be spied on also in private chat rooms?

few journalists got arrested / killed just because things they said on

private chat rooms (not in thailand).


What should worry us in thailand is not so much politics but dirty cops who might use

this software to rob and even kidnap. remember the story of the taiwanese businessman

who was kidnapped and tortured with the help of few policeman, with and without uniforms?

later, i must say, they were all arrested by the good cops.

so now with more spying tech they will have more power...the good and the bad !!


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I see it as a way to threaten populace. Thais are now beyond hiding what they think.

Openly on fb under their true names they broadcast openly their views.

In millions.

Everything was already said by Anon Nampa and Penguin, broadcast life. Yesterday they were both arrested (with few others) on lese majeste charges.   

#rumor in May was shared by 5.3mln people on twitter. And around same on fb and other media.

Protest groups on Telegram are in hundreds thousands membership.


The second reason, why they are buying these toys is corruption. The more expensive software (and it might be in $mln), the more bmw at general's garage.


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38 minutes ago, ChaiyaTH said:

They already use such software so this is an extension of even more, that is certainly concerning in that case. Happy I paid GoldenFrog VyprVPN premium for 3 years upfront on a black friday deal last year.


I guess it will help once I can get the Starlink here, then I do not deal with local providers at all.

Most VPN companies are either owned by China or countries with weak or no internet privacy laws.  They don't care if your using it to watch banned streaming sites, porn or buying drugs online just don't organize an anti mask or white lives matter protest. 

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