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Anutin praised for getting Thailand off UK's travel "red list"


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7 minutes ago, wtfracing said:

Lol don't let the truth get in the way of a good story ????‍♂️

....................................................................................of a good salary....????‍♂️

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What is this? Six or seven topics today so far in the "Thai News" section that work the UK into the headlines or the subject. Is this all supposed to be a way to discuss UK news while omitting other countries, now that the World Forum is gone? What next in the headlines: "Thais Worry as Energy Costs Rise in the UK," "Thais See Hope as UK Exports Increase," "UK Police Review Stirs Thailand to Consider Reforms," "Hurricane Force Winds in the UK Seen as No Threat to Thailand."

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3 hours ago, Mac Mickmanus said:

Dont want to sound rude , but the U.K took all but 7 Countries off the Red list , this about the U.K. opening up again because of the local British people nearly all being vaccinated , rather than anything Thailand has done  

Possibly. But I think more due to an increasingly unpopular Government attempting to gain more public favour at a time when there are low stocks in the supermarkets and shops due to a huge lack of HGV drivers, petrol/diesel shortages due to lack of HGV drivers/pressure from airlines and the travel industry/gas and electric prices soaring/inflation predicted to rise to 8%/Universal Credit reduction/ending of furloughs/increase of taxation!


A Government that can't control its borders: so far at least 17,063 illegals have crossed in small boats in 2021 compared to just over 8,460 last year -- the authorities do not have the manpower to test them all! So those few Thais wishing to enter the UK are of little threat to a country that recorded 137,541 new cases yesterday! UK citizens leaving/re-entering will more than likely have been vaccinated by a Western-produced vaccine. So taking Thailand of the Red list presents little problem!

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