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Thailand Nov 1 reopening to go ahead providing COVID-19 situation remains stable

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As time goes on more and more areas of Thailand will be authorized to offer the Sandbox SHA stay. It will be good for the expats who work on rotation and can stay at a hotel close to home. I know some are die hard opponents of the SHA system, but it just means you have a limited supply of hotels and may have to pay more for SHA stay. What really baffles me are the tourists who bring their infant children here.

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5 minutes ago, StayinThailand2much said:

Wow. That's a whopping 5.31 baht per trip! Has Mama gone up in price?

suppose to be 850bln, not mln.

so 5310b per trip.

Usually those trips are just extended weekends. Personally I spend well below 1000b per day (hotel 500b, massage 300b), so I don't think thai are spending more than me.


"the government expects to earn 1.5 trillion baht from tourism in 2022"

this statement is false. t's not tax for treasury, but tourist spending. Probably only 10% of it would come in taxes 

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1 hour ago, RotBenz8888 said:

Exchange AQ to SAH+. The rest Will probably stay the same. 


How can the costs be minimum 15,000 thb

That’s not correct, I’ve found a booking for 7 days on AGODA quarantine package for 7,800


This is a mess as usual



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9 minutes ago, Guderian said:

Please define "worsen" for us. As restrictions are lifted and people get out and socialise more the daily new case numbers are bound to rise quite significantly. Does that constitute "worsen"? How about the daily death toll attributed to Covid, only 84 deaths reported today, thankfully, but at what point is it regarded as having "worsened"? A woolly statement at best, providing an excuse for the politicians to do pretty much as they please. 

Spot on. Just look at other countries like Australia or New Zealand; almost hysteria because of a few hundred or even a few dozen new cases...


Then there is Thailand, where there was a similar hysteria about a year ago, when there were only few cases. Now it seems that no-one expects cases to drop much below the daily 10,000 new cases. 


Return to 'normal' now, and I wouldn't be surprised to see 15,000 or 20,000 daily new cases for the foreseeable future.

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2 minutes ago, Guderian said:

Please define "worsen"

My sense is that they learned from the Phuket Sandbox not to set firm thresholds and associated actions - see the 90 new case per week "benchmark" for Phuket.



Other than maybe schools, where I think they will close them down if infection rates spike, "for the children", they'll just rough it out with regards to "tourists" and "opening".


They feel like they can vaccinate their way out of this.


Barring some new variant, or hospitals becoming overwhelmed, I think it's safe to say they'll force the re-opening even if conditions were to "worsen".






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