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Officials visit Russian boy, 7, who fell into boiling geyser in north Thailand


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Picture: Chiang Mai News


Chiang Mai News reported that a delegation of senior tourist police headed by Pol Maj-Gen Warissiri Lilasiri and an official from the tourism ministry's local office went to Chiang Mai Ram Hospital to visit a seven year old Russian boy who fell in a boiling hot geyser.


The accident happened on October 4th at 11 am when Misha - named in the CMN article slightly differently - got devastating burns on much of his body. 


He was transferred to the hospital in Chiang Mai after being treated in the Pai area of Mae Hong Son.


A donation page has been set up for several days on ASEAN NOW after an appeal was launched to help the stricken and penniless family.



Picture: Chiang Mai News


The boy's mother Elena K., 35, said that there was no fence around the geyser and it was not safe. 


She said that she had been to Pai police three times but there were communication problems and she had eventually sought the help of a friend in Pattaya who had contacted a foundation in Bangkok for assistance after an online page stepped in. 


She said that the hospital bill was now 500,000 baht.


The tourist police have promised full assistance and are investigating whether the geyser is on state or private sector land.


Watcharaporn Sutthisombat of the Chiang Mai office of the Thai tourism ministry said that there is an injury fund for hospital care of tourists. 


They are also looking into the case to see if there was negligence involved.


The boy may have to be moved to Bangkok for further treatment.


The family were due to leave Thailand on November 7th but this is likely to be extended as Misha undergoes further treatment. 



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