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116 partygoers arrested in Bangkok’s red light district for allegedly gathering, drinking, breaking Covid-19 rules


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4 hours ago, webfact said:

Upon the raid, several glasses of “hidden” beer and liquor, as well as customers’ receipts showing the purchase of alcoholic beverages, were found at the scene, according to police.

Just trying to stay afloat "your honour." that or go bankrupt.

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1 hour ago, 4MyEgo said:

Do you hear yourself man ?


We can't have people sitting at bars drinking, even if vaccinated, because you can still spread and even catch the virus.


This is and will remain the perfect control tool for governments, until they are ready to lift whatever restrictions they deem fit for the masses, and without people rising, could be a while before drinks, and sitting at that bar enjoying a cold one while some young filly is dancing on the bar literally above your head trying to get your attention.


Damn I miss the old days pre-Covid were I used to play hard to get, for about 10 seconds. 

People need to socialise it is something important to our development, look at what you are saying then agree with what the government want to do by holding mass gatherings for firework displays etc. then explain to me the difference


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1 hour ago, ikke1959 said:

But we  want tourists come to Thailand next month, but look whta will happen if they leave their hotelroom in the evening......They have to choose for a softdrink holiday 

and visit the many wats and cultural destinations.


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The whole thing is a joke on Saturday night I had to walk in the area of the weekly walk in street there were at least 300 people some with masks some without and some with masks pulled. Down to there chin yet my local bar has been closed for months where the average amount of drinkers at any one time would be no more than 20  can someone explain the logic of allowing walk in street venues to continue with 100s of people yet bars are closed and this stupid nighttime curfew continues the whole thing is senseless and as for the sandblock that to is a joke tge only good thing is that due to living within it I was fortunate to receive my 2 AZ vaccines 

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