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Thailand looks to welcome tourists again — less than half its population is fully vaccinated


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1 hour ago, Willy Wombat said:

It’s already been reported in Australia about Thailand’s high case numbers and low vaccination rate.


And with Aussies who have been scared senseless by the their state premiers about the virus.


I just can’t see many ordinary tourists booking a holiday to

thailand and then you have all the hoops to jump through too.



They might be fighting the virus at home as it looks to be growing and growing everywhere.



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4 hours ago, webfact said:

Come Monday, Thailand will be lifting quarantine restrictions for travelers from more than 40 countries who have been fully vaccinated — even though less than half its population has been completely inoculated.

No great surprise there...!!! TIT


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1 hour ago, nobodysfriend said:

21% is realistic it seems ...

A fact is , that , if they want more short - term tourists , they need to make Thailand more attractive to them .

Only families with kids who come from a country not far from Thailand ( China  Russia , the middle east ) , will come for a short holiday .

Tourists from other , far away destinations , will consider a short trip to Thailand as too expensive , dangerous and difficult ... There still is Greece , Portugal , Turkey , Egypt etc ...

Better than focusing on farang short term tourists , it would be to favor the long term stayers as a reliable source of income .

It is time for a new type of an easy visa for those people , no more annoying 90 day reporting ( that can be surveilled by the Morchana phone app ) .

But they are all soooo scared about foreigners staying here ... they probably think , that foreigners will do some business here without the Thais profiting from it . A nightmare for them .


Btw ... Winter is coming in Europe , Russia and the US , and with this a rise in Covid cases is to be expected ( and already happening ) . Not a time to travel any more ... at least not for a short stay only ...

For a snowflake like me winter in the North is exactly the right time to travel south. 

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