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French Muay Thai champion mocked online for Thai language tattoo with "glaring error"

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1 hour ago, Soda Soda said:

According to my Thai Wife it says "Muay Thai"

She cannot see any other word.

The top of the left side of the ม may have an extra or overly flamboyant swirl, but it looks like nit-picking to me. Maybe it is simply 'right'?

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18 hours ago, Sparktrader said:

I read a story in Qld. A mate had a mate do a tattoo. They had a falling out before but still went ahead with tattoo. He did a large penis on his back. He took him to court won damages.

Jeeeez, how stupid would you have to be to get ink done by someone ya had a blue with previously. Unreal. Guy deserves the tat he got on his back for being a d!ck head. Damages pay out 'may' just cover the price for a cover up tat done (with a mate? watching the ink man/woman work).

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Considering that all the other letters are styled perfectly and unambiguously, this looks like a deliberate act by the tattooist to me.


I think for many Thais who are used to reading Thai script in many different handwritings and fonts it's easy to overlook this - their brain tells them "Muay Thai" before they even notice that the first letter looks odd. So I'm not surprised that posters here have reported that their Thai partners haven't noticed. 

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