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The weather totally sucks


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31 minutes ago, mrmicbkktxl said:

Guess as older I get as more I dislike the climate and weather here.

I agree, one of the reasons In stopped living here full time.

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27 minutes ago, Henryford said:

Spain is pretty cold in winter. 8 degrees in Madrid now. Welcome to that. I would rather have the odd shower and a warm winter.

Yes, agree! I like Spain but prefer Portugal. Benidorm and Costa del Sol are preferable with the Canary Islands even more so. Lisbon doesn't usually get below 15C in Winter. However, one Christmas I stayed in Nazare. For two days we were strongly advised NOT to go outside. After the gales and torrential rain had subsided, I noticed most road signs were blown over almost flat and awnings had been torn off shops, rubbish of all sorts everywhere. 

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32 minutes ago, Henryford said:

Rubbish !! Pattaya has an average daytime temp of 30-33 C all year round with virtually no rain Dec - March.

But hip-waders suggested April-Nov.  🙏

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17 minutes ago, Lacessit said:

I use the aircon about two months of the year. Have not even used a fan for the last month.

I am wondering if there is a direct correlation of the level of discomfort, and the size of a poster's beer gut.

Same here, i never sleep with the AC on and only use it much during April/May

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43 minutes ago, KhunLA said:

Air 'conditioner' ... not so much for temp, but to lower the RH from daily 60-80%, if not 100%, 'dehumidifying' down to a comfy 40-50-60%.


Temps are usually no problem, and I can take 35° up to 40° outside, if in the shade with a breeze.  RH can be a bit much though.  Weather temp, once at body temp/37°, you won't cool off with the breeze as much.


Last 5 yrs living in Memphis area, TN, USA, 38-40° for a month, was not rare, and I worked outside.  Easily 6 months of 35+° those last 5 yrs.   Bit different from 4 seasons at Philly, PA, USA, both mild summers & winters, relative to other extremes of the USA temps.


I keep the house between 27-29, most days & night

Please can you have a word with my Mrs and niece? I always try to set the A/C to 'Dry'. Unfortunately, they both change it to 'Cool' and ask me why I persist in doing this? According to them you can't ever cool down unless you set it to 'Cool'. 

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2 hours ago, worgeordie said:

You must be British , we love complaining about the weather , it's never just


regards worgeordie

According to his profile....Berlin/Pattaya

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