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Thai Embassy in New Zealand increases visa fee 600%

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22 minutes ago, snoop1130 said:

The embassy announced on its official website on February 23 that the visa fees would be raised in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and the exchange rate. The embassy also provided a document detailing the updated fees.

So why will this not apply to ALL countries?

And what has the exchange rate got to do with it, quote the price in THB and any moron  potential visitor can work that out in his own currency.

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'legitimate tourists' according to the Thais should be fine with existing Visa-Exempt entry, those that needed the tourist visa can probably fork out the visa fee probably can't afford to Holiday in Thailand that long

Tourist Visa for Thais going to New Zealand has been 5,000+ Baht for sometime now

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4 minutes ago, gomangosteen said:

From the NZ Thai embassy site:


Currently NZ $60 for SETV, and NZ $270 METV


Proof of funds $2000 (44,000b) and $9000 (198,000b) respectively.


SETV must have proof of outgoing flight not more than 60 days after intended arrival - bothersome for someone intending to apply for a 30 day extension.



Due for a raise then as for Thais to go to NZ, it's NZ$120 

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