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After Nearly a Decade of Trump, America is Fatigued and Anxious

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IMHO the fatigue is largely due to media hyperbole and the breathless exhaustive coverage of anything 'Trump'. How many times did we hear "the walls are closing in", "the latest bombshell" or "the beginning of the end"?  Trump singlehandedly kept the cable news industry afloat for 7 years. They should be thanking him, not mocking. 


I've said before, with a guy like Trump there really is only one way to hurt him- ignore him. That is the cruellest cut of all for a narcissist. But it can't be done, either here or back in Uncle Sugar's backyard.

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1 minute ago, WDSmart said:

I haven't been back to the USA for about 20 years, and right now, with all the social unrest, I doubt if I'll ever return there.


I don't consider everyone who disagrees with me on political issues deranged. I am a far-left liberal, but I can certainly appreciate many conservative political views. An example of that is before Trump, I did not support the Second Amendment, but now, because of him, I do, and I wake up every day hoping to hear on CNN that someone has exercised their rights under that amendment concerning Trump.

However, my priorities are focused on societal issues. Your last sentence, in contrast, does show me where your priorities are—the economy—money, money, money! I am an anti-capitalist and a confirmed socialist. So, yes, I would probably have a lot of disagreements with you if we discussed politically associated economic and social issues, especially when they include Trump. 

He (Trump) has certainly succeeded in breaking whatever unity we did have in the USA into two distinct, opposing groups. I admit I am certainly fully in one of them and don't know how this division can ever be healed. :sad:

If you wake up every day hoping that a past President gets assassinated, I would call that deranged.  I am no fan of Joe Biden, but the worst I wish for him is a long retirement with his grandkids, starting next January..


Would we disagree? Most definitely, but you may be surprised on some issues. As for national unity, that has been fading for 20 years. IMHO the difference is economic and not racial though. Also urban/rural. Any map of voting patters shows this clearly. It is a pity, and if a leader could take steps towards healing the divide it would be great. Can't see that happening in this election cycle though.

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