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Thai tourism set for sluggish reboot as Phuket stutters on 'sandbox'

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20% - how may hotels ................................10 ?     if I went to the trouble of getting vaccinated in my home country I would demand a little respect from a country that has t

Or about 10,000 a week. 100 a week is of course 1% of the required 10,000 a week. Maybe the restrictions need to be thought out once more, as it is apparent tourists are not happy with the

FILE PHOTO: An empty street market is seen near the beach in Phuket, Thailand March 31, 2021. REUTERS/Jorge Silva/File Photo   BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thailand's planned reopening of the resort

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Several major airlines are backing the plan and offering direct flights, including Emirates, El Al, Air France, Qatar Airways, British Airways and Cathay Pacific, according to the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).


TAT needs to inform airlines they are flying there because they obviously don't know Air France for example aborts booking at the extras page 🤔

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Its been a long time since I was in Phuket, but as I remember, many of the hotel staff were not local people they were from up country. It would be interesting to see how they cope, if there should be as many visitors as is hoped for.

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The "Phuket Sandbox" could be cancelled at any time.



  • Quote


    • The reopening will be canceled or halted if any of the following happens:
      • New infections in Phuket reach 90 cases per week; the island reported 13 cases during June 11-17
      • Infections are found in all three districts and more than six sub-districts on the island
      • More than three clusters of infections are detected
      • Hospitalization rate reaches 80% of the island’s capacity
      • New variants spread to an uncontrollable level




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21 minutes ago, KarenBravo said:

Anything that keeps those rude, dirty, selfish Chinese away from Phuket is fine by me.

Racist? Maybe.

From long observation? Definitely.

Not maybe, racist definitely!

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I am still hopeful that the Thai government and TAT will get their <deleted> together by the end of October, or at least by December.

  I will likely be entertained by their continued fumbling until then. What a clown show.


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     Still too many restrictions and requirements.  Should just be proof of vaccination, period.  Phuket is suppose to be a test area so that's what it needs to be.  To open tourism nationwide, eventually it's going to have to be just vaccinated as the only requirement so let's see how that works with Phuket.  But, first, 70% of Phuket needs to be fully vaccinated before anything else.

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