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"Honest" Anutin defends himself and vax rollout especially Sinovac and relationship with Chinese


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2 minutes ago, Misterwhisper said:

I guess the batteries on the TAT calculator are depleted because it has been used too excessively over the past 12 months.

555....They do have to enter lots of zeros when they do their calculations......not always preceded with a non-zero digit.

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3 minutes ago, HaoleBoy said:

I  would like to know what Thai's are saying about Prayuth's and Anutin's political speeches ....

There will be a broad spectrum I guess, from those who think they are gods to those who see them as devils and never the twain shall meet.

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1 hour ago, webfact said:

He said that Thais need not worry about vaccine thanks to him - there is plenty for everyone and "we can fight the Covid-19 fight together with confidence".

I'll bet even money his lips were moving when he said that ????

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