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Stop confusing foreign tourists, tourism chief tells government - and make Covid tests cheaper


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Price of test is not issue! Even all get those free that not chance anything! All the time focus irrelevant things and not watch big picture! Fuc.... retard donks!

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36 minutes ago, Cherrytreeview said:

Test positive go direct to hospital, still on the Thai monopoly board?

Can someone please confirm this is or isn't the case.


I thought you had to go to a ASQ Hotel into quarantine, but maybe that is old info

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1 hour ago, DFPhuket said:

I'm flying from Thailand to Germany on Monday. I had to upload a copy of my (US Pfizer) vaccination certificate to a German government website and print out a document. That's all. No PCR tests. No quarantine. Nothing else.


For my return to Phuket I can't get my COE until after I arrive in the EU and upload a copy of my entry stamp, along with my passport copy, re-entry permit, insurance document showing $100,000 (which won't cover asymptomatic hospitalization), SHABA 7 day hotel certificate, prepayment of 2 PCR tests, and flight itinerary. Plus I must download the MorChana app. Then I'll need to find a place to get a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before my flight departs. After I've done all of that, I can fly to Phuket where I'll have 2 more PCR tests. 


Thai hospitality at its finest. 

Is it normal that insurance policies won't cover asymptomatic hospitalisation or does it depend on the company?

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This quite a biased article : "Stop confusing foreign tourists"

How about the rest of us ? I mean everybody else is confused ...expats....non. expats....Thai Nationals...

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