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Covid Tales 2: 78 year old retiree recounts getting Covid in Thailand after being vaccinated

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There is no doubt in my mind that any vaccine for the elderly and those with underlying conditions is better than none, that said, the sooner those who do not want to get vaccinated, get over their se

file photo   Last week the editorial team at ASEAN NOW asked our membership for their Covid-19 tales.    Of course, everyone has one in what has been a life defining experience for

"If my story does not convince foreigners and Thais alike that any coronavirus vaccine is better than being unvaccinated, nothing will.   "In my opinion being vaccinated very probably saved

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1 hour ago, pacovl46 said:

I totally agree with your post, except the part about the unvaccinated and mutation. The virus will mutate anyway, vaccinated or not. That's the reason why flu vaccines have to be adjusted every year to catch up to the mutation.

I think Dr Fauci if he has any credibility left, will disagree with what your saying, and yes viruses mutate, however when most people are vaccinated, there is less chances of a virus mutating to a deadlier or more contagious strain, I suppose that would be a better way of me saying what I said in my other post.



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2 hours ago, arick said:

You changed names in fear of defamation laws. Who would of been defamed. The dog? 

He calls the hospital of phan Spartan and gives his recount of events. This can be enough for defamation. In thailand it does not have to be a lie 

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Peter's story confirms what I have previously said.


Getting covid is bad enough for most people.


But a foreigner getting covid in Thailand has all sorts of other issues to deal with. For example, being in hospital in a large shared ward (or field ward) where no one speaks English (in most regions).


Peter was lucky in that he was hospitalised with his girlfriend. Otherwise he would have been alone with no visitors allowed.


Even people with funds or insurance will probably find that there are no private rooms available.

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3 minutes ago, flyfrog said:

Hi, I am 59 years old, vaccinated twice with Pfizer, went on a bike tour to Chiangmai, Mae Sot, Tak etc...came home and was tested positive, now in home quarantaine for 10 days. My wife is not vaccinated yet and tested negative, we stayed together the first 3 days I was back, how about that? I have almost no symptoms except some coughing but this is probably just a cold from riding in the cold weather up North. So be carefull out there even those vaccinated.

How and where did you get tested ?

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1 hour ago, jacko45k said:

UK blocking travelers from S.A and a few other countries over this.... BBC has a bit more detail.


The travel ban applies to South Africa – where the variant was identified – as well as Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Zimbabwe and Botswana. They will be added to England's travel "red list".



Here we go again, the final nail in the coffin to recovery.

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8 hours ago, hioctane said:

A little bit misleading. That vaccination rate is among those ELIGIBLE (12+), not the total population. Although cases may be increasing, the important thing to see is that deaths are not increasing.

Actually, its mainly those under 12 that are not vaccinated
It was reported that only about 60,000 folks above 12 remain unvaccinated n the sg govt is actively targeting them by refusing to pay for any covid related hospitalization incurred by these folks n barring them from entering most public places 

A recent study by the Malaysian Health Ministry revealed only a very slight real world efficacy difference exists between Pfizer n Sinovac, so slight that its almost like a statistical error to common folks
details here 
Sinovac's COVID shot highly effective against serious illness- Malaysia study (yahoo.com)

Had 2 shots of pfizer myself n am going for a moderna booster soon so its not that I'm some sinovac cheerleader
Just hope to put at ease those who had Non US vaccines to let them know that there's really not a very big real world difference ... 

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2 hours ago, lks7689 said:

The government has been upfront and already warned us the numbers would get up to 5000 daily and last about 3 months.

Honestly, they are just trying to cover their behinds with such proclamations to fool the public so that they can than rattle with "I told you so " ... blah blah later on 
This is a lame trick that any 6 year old can manage, should have pushed up the figure to 8 - 10k too 

In truth, they were actually experimenting in an area with no precedent n were sweating inside for they knew the population will turn on them if daily deaths hit 50

Actually the SG govt mismanaged things on several fronts n was very 3rd world in the way it handled things, especially in the initial phases  ...

Worse of all is that there is no accountability, no govt official got sacked for screwing up things big time like telling folks not to wear masks  ..
This is something unheard of in the LKY era  (LKY was SG's so called founding father)..

China fared 100x better in this aspect in sacking more than 250 govt officials for covid mismanagement ..

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20 hours ago, webfact said:

"For the first 4-5 days we had massive doses of Favipirivir, an antiviral," he said of his ordeal.

Without Kidney and Liver function tests? Totally empirical medecine, since the effectiveness of both Favipiravir and Remdesivir remains to be proven.


I am terrified by OP's tale and will avoid getting tested at all cost. OP lost 4 Kgs, I am not sure I'd survive after two week without proper food, proper bed and probably no aircon either.

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17 hours ago, ed strong said:

"If my story does not convince foreigners and Thais alike that any coronavirus vaccine is better than being unvaccinated, nothing will.


"In my opinion being vaccinated very probably saved me from a life changing illness.


"As it has previously with (diseases like) polio, tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis."



Ah yes i remember everyone getting vaccinated against polio and then we all caught polio but luckily our symptoms weren't that bad!


What a pathetic comparison.

If you want to find something negativ then you will find it right? Maybe the comparison is a bit simple, but the message here is clear: if you're vaccinated and still get Covid, the symptoms will be significantly less and that's what it is about... don't you think so?

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