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Female Russian tourist seriously injured after being attacked and robbed at Bali Hai Pier in broad daylight, suspect arrested


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3 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

and were they charges with receiving stolen goods ?  Police would be wise to check the entire pawn shop

The hell with that!

Diminishes the time away from the mia noi or mobile phone - not to mention doing some police work.

As long as the pawn shop delivers his periodic envelopes - he's as honest as a lawyer!

Just 'unlucky' to have purchased from a dumb 'villain', I guess.


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12 hours ago, snoop1130 said:

The suspect stopped on Pattaya Beach after the brazen daylight robbery and hung out with his friends drinking alcohol like nothing happened.”

Easy life , hey ... hanging around with friends drinking , a little Yaba from time to time ... no job , not care anyway ...

Always in need of money to finance his ' good ' life , When ' mau ' sometimes go for a boum boum with some other low life ... no future , not care ... Anyway , when money is ' mot ' , there are some tourists now , some women even going alone , easy target ... just smack her face , steal everything from her , cash it in at the local pawn shop directly afterwards , go drink with friends , laugh ... until the cops come .

Well done RTP .

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13 hours ago, Sir Dude said:

Surprised his nickname wasn't "Tool". Pretty much sums it up for this type of scumbag, got the nuts and arrogance to pull this on a woman at midday, then straight to the pawn shop, followed by brazen drinking in short order with probably equally suspect mates. Obviously not the sharpest "tool" in the box and an easy clear up for the cops as I doubt you can do much on that road without being videoed.

Thirty years in the Blue Tower with no chance of parole or life in the deepest dungeon under the castle moat...

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36 minutes ago, morrobay said:

Lets put it this way: What's more important, their civil rights or your safety. Does this sound familiar : so and so was on the law enforcement radar before the crime was committed. 

But what if it was OUR civil rights being ignored ? How would you feel then ?

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