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PM Prayuth blames press for misleading public on electric bills - "It's only up a few satang" he says as he talks of "Buddhist suffering"


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2 hours ago, RandiRona said:

Buddhist teaching?? Yup Buddha did say that you can always take over democratic government with Coups and install yourself as premier..

flash note:: non violence is core to Buddhism… hey but why stop using religion when everyone else in the world is using it.


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The reality is that “arguing” with the press at large is a no-win situation.. so, while emotionally one may want to, it’s almost always a loosing battle for the government as the “playing field” is largely controlled by the media.. 


Plus arguing only adds more ammunition for the media to use against you… you’re only playing into their strength. 


You put your narrative out there and largely sidestep all other issues that detract from it.


I think the media plays a very critical role in the dynamic between issues such as government narrative, public criticism and transparency.  But if i were sitting on the government side, I’d try like hell to get the PM to stop “taking the bait” 

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3 hours ago, jonclark said:

The PM is completely correct. The price rise is only a few satang for a single unit.


Sadly though most business and home use more than a single unit of electricity in a month. This few satang will translate into about a 15% rise your electricity bills. So if for a medium sized business, your electricity bill is 500'000 baht a month you are now paying an extra 75'000 baht in electricity per month. Which is considerably more than a few satang. 


I shudder to think how much the rise in electricity bills will be for the super cooled shopping malls  that litter the capital and country- I am sure that this few satang increase will be clawed back from their customers in some form or another


Clearly his understanding of the economics of the situation is as coherent as his leadership. 

Cha-Cha'ism 101.

The guy is getting more bizzzzzzare by the day🙃🙃

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