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PM Prayut Still Holds Office


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6 minutes ago, Denim said:

Meanwhile , Prawit seen walking angrily around government house muttering to himself.


Copulation , it's just so unfair. I need another watch as a paliative. 



Sounds like he had too much sleep.......

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1 hour ago, CANSIAM said:

Elections 2025 I assume ? Authoritarianism is a tough one to rid, see what happens on the streets..... 

20?5 is better.

In Cambodia Hun Sen is 1st minister since... 1985 and has chosen his son to be the best 1st minister after him..... 

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15 minutes ago, baboon said:

I feel you, but remember it was a case of 'either vote for this constitution or we will impose our own. And you can forget about any upcoming election'. In short, they were blackmailed and browbeaten into voting for it.

Yea but they endorsed it by voting for it and making it 100% legit and so impossible to remove.

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How the views on this forum has changed. Back when Prayut first came into power, 90% of the posters were pro-junta. 8 years later, 90% are anti. The old posters must have died off or been banned.

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