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Thailand is no longer the Land of smiles.

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I'm in the deep south.

The only place I ever lived in TH.

Smiles are rare.

If you do smile first, they will reciprocate.

The only outwardly friendly ppl here are kids.. some of them. 😁

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1 minute ago, Goat said:

Agree with that one. Thai Muslim villages are not smiley like other places. 

Probably even moreso right now. No food or drink during the hot days. Probably very thirsty. Plus waking up at 4am to eat doesnt put them in a particulary cheerful mood.

I live in a Buddhist area.

Yes..Muslims are not that friendly either.

Btw....this (lack of friendliness) has been going on for a long time

Nothing to do with the current events, with the exception of Covid.

It effed things up a notch.

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Siam land of smiles by Christy, there is a version somewhere of her singing it in a TV studio and most of the Thais in the audience are in tears, Pumpuang sang this, but not sure if it pre dates her.




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Just now, markclover said:

Yes, it's starts at the airport with the disgusting treatment of arrivals.  If you're not being followed around you are being screamed at by immigration staff.  I've had my passport literally thrown at me more than one time.  Heaven forbid if you ask the staff for help.  They will scream at you and go back to chatting with their friends.  One of the worst airports I have passed though.

Mrs was shocked at the friendly reception in NZ and Japan at the pleasant attitude of immigration officers, wanted to know why they were like that. 😃

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