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Concerns after two foreign women sunbathe in Chiang Mai temple


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1 hour ago, kickstart said:

Not ignorant, just do not understand Thai customs, the tour guide, if they were one, most tours are at sights just long enough to see the sight ,not to sun bath , should have said something............that is if her English was good enough to explain about Thai customs.

I believe the term, “ignorant” is appropriate here (lacking knowledge of the subject at hand). If knowledgeable of Thai culture, then other terms might apply.

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

A Thai tourist called on the authorities to put up warning signs after spotting two foreign women sunbathing inside Chiang Man Temple in the northern province of Chiang Mai.

At least they weren't topless.

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45 minutes ago, Olav Seglem said:

Im sure, if the thai person, instead of taking time to take photo, posting on facebook and getting annoyed, would instead informed the 2 ladies that sunbathing at temple was inpropriate, they would apologized and leave.


21 minutes ago, PJ71 said:

Why would the thai 'grass' not just approach the 2 ladies sunbathing and mention it's not the done thing?


Equally likely, of course, is that these 2 pathetic specimens of female Western humanity could instead have told the Thai tourist to f*** off (or worse).

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