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Filipina Woman Overstays in Thailand for Over 4 Years


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Of course this is inaccurate as all people with valid entries converted to the covid exemption before March 30th 2020 (think it was about the 26th when the country declared the emergency measures) so I'm guessing she didn't start doing the 60 day extensions when they were available in country for 1900 baht, I can't remember when that started again think it was either late 2020 or early 21

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What is worse in a racist country like Thailand?


1. Foreigners overstaying in Thailand, or


2. Thais overstaying in the EU?



Since, Thais needs a schengen visa to go to the EU, it is more likely for them to overstay 🤣

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5 hours ago, webfact said:

A Filipina woman who had entered and exited Thailand 26 times has been caught overstaying in the country for over four years. Thai police discovered her during a routine inspection aimed at curbing immigration-related offences.

On the ball as usual...

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1 hour ago, NativeBob said:

police in the church?

that is beyond any #$@#$ 
even during wars churches were somehow "can't touch this"


Why?  Are worshipping offenders granted immunity whilst in their club houses?

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