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Foreigners stranded in Thailand due to COVID-19 can now stay until end of September

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3 hours ago, Trujillo said:

Seems like the government is enabling those who game the system. 


If they keep extending they can say they are doing something for tourism. If they stop they get negative headlines and complaints. At this stage it is easier for them to keep it going. There probably aren't that many people using this avenue and they have bigger problems.

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3 hours ago, nausea said:

Compare and contrast with Vietnam - never mind the short term guys, they're even kicking out their long term expats, those who've been staying on extended tourist/faux business visas (Vietnam has no retirement visa, so Hobson's choice for retirees). Two weeks to sort out your affairs and out you go; a bit harsh, methinks, especially for those wiith limited funds or heavy committments. Yeah, I know, they're just strictly enforcing immigration laws that've been laxly applied; still, crappy timing, given the covid restrictions on travel.

 As far as I know they just  extended the free visa in Vietnam again  yesterday.

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11 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:



But why oh why couldn’t Immigration have made this simple decision 12 months ago and removed a significant degree of hassle and stress.




1900 x Z announcements 

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3 minutes ago, Lopchan said:

With no due respect, I think the BS is in your statement "The real contributors to Thailand are the stead fast retirees." 
Retirees are not the only real contributors. Many like myself, are not of retirement age, yet we are married and have a Thai wife and kids whom we support through our income from working.
Building a house, buying a car etc. contributes to the economy and to the livelihoods of THAI people. Just because you've reached the point where you're old enough to retire and have decided to make your home here, doesn't make you special.

My apologies to those like you, who are not what I am talking about ... unless you claim to be "stranded" or have a 2nd family back home. ????

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