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Fines of up to 20,000 baht now in place for not wearing a face mask

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People keep coming back with this type of argument, but if the police stop you, is it easy to prove all those in the vehicle are 'family' that you live with? For me it is just showboating and bei

So still can be fined while driving my own car with my family inside and not wearing a mask, even though we live under the same roof and the GF and I sleep in the same bed.....interesting times ahead.

Some are so selfish they think it is a joke and don't want to follow the rules and believe they should not be required to wear a mask. I like it.  Would like to see even higher fines.   They

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26 minutes ago, webfact said:

Fines for not wearing surgical or cloth masks

These are two completely different things. A rag around the gob will do then.

How do they know if it is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd offence?

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Trust the authorities to complicate things with laundry list of fines, just set up one fine for all and be done with it, now the question remain how well they can or be able to enforce the new rule...

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2 minutes ago, jacko45k said:

You are probably safe, most vehicles have well tinted glass. Get masks with the metal strip which should be at the top to prevent breath bypassing the mask... escaping breath defeats the object somewhat.  Needs to be pressed down each time you don the damned thing. 

I have tried several types of masks including the ones with the metal strip. Always have the same problem.

Perhaps it has something to do with my very efficient Grecian breathing apparatus (big nose) LOL  

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Not a problem in Ban Chang , Rayong, everybody wears masks already.......so much road works going on the whole town is a dust bowl, water trucks or tidying up seems to have been left out of the contracts!!!


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38 minutes ago, WineOh said:

an enforcer would have made a small fortune on my soi this morning.


I counted 12 people without masks in the space of 5 minutes.


12,000 baht for 5 minutes work


Not bad money at all for a local.

You must live on the same soi as I do haha


There is a little community half way down the soi where the residents NEVER wear masks. I used to buy food from them (and beers 24 hours) just to support them, but I have stopped 100% now. That place could easily end up being a new cluster.

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