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It gets worse! Thailand Intervac website taken offline after data leak

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Just when you thought the process for foreigners in Thailand to register for a COVID-19 vaccine online could not get any more shambolic, the website used for registrations was abruptly taken offline o

Government at work: "Anyone know how to publish a form on the web?" "Yes, a friend of my son is good at these things!" "OK, call him."

Classic. We tried to bid for government projects, but quickly learned the futility of the exercise. They simply do not care about professional results.

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46 minutes ago, Jonathan Fairfield said:

The data on display included name, address, date of birth and passport number.

That's special, now isn't it.  Sorry for you folks who wanted to be first in line.  I can just imagine the amount of identity theft damage that can be accomplished with that amount of data.

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Sorry to squeeze this in but I dunno where to ask. Some farang the other day posted a photo of himself receiving his Covid injection. Anyone know which thread it was on? Reason why I ask is because a  senior nurse at my local hospital refuses to believe farangs are getting the vaccines. Her hospital has a 'no farang' policy.

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Who cares? After all these are the same people who rush to social media to show off their degenerated jab to everyone else for immediate attention. 

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