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Expats registering for vaccines: Impossible task takes another depressing twist

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They want you to come and spend loads of money but when it comes to basic services and human rights that should be equal to everyone bo matter creed colour race religeon suddenly you are treated worse

Quite an impressive rollout for June 14!   Why don't they just post a message on their website that says -- "we're in this so far over our heads, we have no clue what we're doing. Just wante

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27 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

Not good if the Passport numbers, citizenship and names were leaked.  Thailand has now exposed thousands if foreigners personal information.  Time to go to the Worldwide press and our embassies.



What do you expect the press or embassies to do?

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2 minutes ago, worrab said:

Would not hurt to expose this country yet again for the sham that it is and the way we get treated as expats!!! 

I have always enjoyed living in this country but this fiasco really is unforgiveable by any stretch of the imagination. The whole programme for vaccinations has been a complete disaster with not one person in government accepting responsibility. All they do is crow on about how everything is under control when in fact it is all falling to pieces around them. And the worst bit is, they do not care!!!

You've answered your own question in the last sentence.


No point getting bent out of shape about it.

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