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Fake News: Case filed with tech police charging health minister Anutin over alleged false vax statements


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in his defence he can claim, he did not deport and ban any foreigners who refused to take face masks from his hands or wear their masks in public.

And the rest of his statements, addressed to thai, is just political theatre, a show, before the next general election. And that is fully allowed by law

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3 hours ago, ikke1959 said:

Bravo... that is one... now another one to go.... Immunity or not , the law is for everyone

Everyone who has power = money



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5 minutes ago, CALSinCM said:

That probably is the truth.

As  Mando the Mandalorian would say "This is the way".  Always tit for tat here and unfortunately the flip side of the coin always comes with other strings that the Government players can yank.

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Nah, nothing will happen to this git, or any other ministers/members of the cabinet.


Out of curiosity - anyone from Malaysia here? Is this Anutin baboon still better,  just as bad, or worse, than the Malaysian Health Minister? For the record, the latter claimed warm water cures Covid-19 infection, mistook a water dispenser for a hand-sanitiser dispenser and called the Spanish Flu 'Spanish Fly'. Amongst other gaffes, so it seems.

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