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Finally! TAT proposes end to quarantine for foreign tourists and simplification of area requirements


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14 minutes ago, sapson said:

Tourists who have had a pre flight covid test and double vaccinated should be free to travel as they please and eat drink as where and when is convenient

Think that through. So let's just use Bangkok as one example. 

Are some bars going to be open for fully vaccinated tourists and also fully vaccinated expats that live in Thailand. 

So management checks some vaccination certificate at entrance? 

Will curfew apply to all equally? etc

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24 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

So now I am confused, will this then be standardized for all of Thailand and there will be no more ASQ as far as returnees?  If I fly to the US and then fly back here to BKK will I be able to go straight home here in BKK as it is in the Area, or still pay for an ASQ and have to return there nightly, which by the way is a mere 500meters from my home now.  

Exactly. What is a "foreign tourist"? Does this mean only non residents of Thailand, (including Thais)? Strewth, clarification of a clarification please!

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