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Caution urged for relaxing laws on foreigners owning land in Thailand

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It would be an extreme folly for the Thais to allow extensive foreign ownership of land.  Land is your Nation in physical form, sell it off at your peril.  They could restrict it to the building of sa

Picture: Sanook   A leading figure in the real estate business has urged caution regarding the Thai government’s plans to relax laws regarding foreigners owning condos and land in Thailand. 

Relax buddy.... They just make a new law in five years that foreigners can't own land and have to sell within 12 months. All part of the master plan. 

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I don't understand why it is so difficult.

You could have say 4 moo bahns (N, S, E and W) in somewhere like Chiang Mai where foreigners could legally buy and sell land and homes.

If they sell out and Thais want to attract more investment they can add (and obviously control) more moo bahns or cap it when they feel there is enough.

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4 hours ago, webfact said:


But Dr Sophon Pornchokchai, who is chairman of the Agency for Real Estate Affairs cautioned in an online rant that it was not necessarily a good idea. 


I wonder what the rest of the real estate industry thinks about this loss of potential commissions? Prices rise more commission.

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