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Foreigners flee for their lives as fire breaks out at quarantine hotel near Bangkok


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Picture: 77kaoded


Around 80 foreign and Thai guests in quarantine before being allowed to formally enter Thailand fled for their lives as fire broke out in an underground storeroom at a hotel.


77kaoded did not name the hotel that is situated on King Kaew Road in Bang Plee, Samut Prakan south east of the Thai capital Bangkok.


Ten fire engines attended the fire as smoke billowed from an unused snooker club area.



Picture: 77kaoded


The situation was brought under control in about 30 minutes after it began around 9 pm last night.


Ruam Katanyu rescue foundation staff in PPE cordoned off the guests from other people in an area at the side of the hotel.



Picture: 77kaoded


It is thought that a short circuit caused the fire in an area that had not been used for two years due to the pandemic lockdown measures. 


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36 minutes ago, Swampy999 said:

A fire at a hotel with 7 floors and not an aerial ladder in sight but the freshly red  painted water bowsers arrived and saved the day. 

Or, they could have used the water cannon that aren't being used at the moment to drown democratic protests. Those that are still operational, that is.

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2 hours ago, Rampant Rabbit said:

I  hope  all those  johnny  foreigners were arrested for breaking the quarantine rules, then deported/blacklisted etc etc etc

Don't rule anything out.


They've got more chance of catching COVID while outside their rooms.

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1 hour ago, LetsGoBrandon said:

Does this mean quarantine ends early?

Actually not.  Technically if you bust quarantine you have to start the whole length of quarantine again.  Hope the hazmat team does not hold the escapees to that. 

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3 minutes ago, sawadee1947 said:

So Bangkok is now in danger because of a lot of non finished quarantine farangs mingeled with ordinary Thai people on the street?????

Sheeeshh....  go into full on exaggerated drama queen much ?????



No...  Bangkok is not in danger because ‘some people who have PCR tested negative’ evacuated a burning hotel...


The vast majority of the minimal risk those in Thailand (including Bangkok) face is from the >1000 new daily domestic cases.



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