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New Immigration Bureau boss signals new orders so police can easily track down foreign suspects in Thailand

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Wait a minute. It was no more difficult to capture this guy than it would be to capture a Thai suspect. In fact, because he is farang, it was probably easier. So now this triggers some sort of new vet

Sadly, whilst I do think increased vetting is a sensible idea, I suspect this initiative will result in a standard Thai "sledge hammer and nut" solution.   It's far easier to assume we are a

⭐🏆🏆💕Welcome millionaires!!💕🏆🏆⭐     Good move! 🥇I mean we are all rapists and thieves anyway. Right👍

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1 hour ago, NanaSomchai said:

Not quite, they now have biometric scanning technology at their disposal at every entry/exit point of the Kingdom, be it by land, air or sea since mid 2019.

And is it all still working and being used? 

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Just now, jacko45k said:

I had heard finger print scanning was fairly random, and another reason could be lack of maintenance and devices out of order, for which the country is famous. 

I doubt it, the contract was 3 billions for the entire biometrics system installation AND it's maintenance, I strongly believe there's also a maintenance fee thrown in the pot, probably 10 years or something, just like when you buy a car from a cars dealership and the first 1/2/3 years of basic car maintenance are included in it's price.


In fact it DOES make sense as I doubt the average Thai IT consultant (let alone within the RTP) would be on par/standards with a German ran/owned IT consultant as we've all seen with the recent data breaches/leaks all over Thailand.

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