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Savage Rottweiler attack on two year old in Pattaya: Owner meets police - faces jail and/or 10K fine


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5 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

This is serious business. Why is this being treated so lightly? Is he rich? Connected? 

He is no dogsbody..

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6 minutes ago, JonnyF said:

"Such animals"? Breed specific legislation?


Don't be silly.


It's nothing to do with the breed. Owners need to be educated on how to raise a dog. In isolated incidents like these the dog in question should be euthanized and the owner held accountable. 



You are not very awre  that such laws have been made in vaious cities/States in the US.  Mass revoked  a breed specific law but cities can set  up thier own.  Many areas ban Rotties/Pit Bulls




https://www.oharaattorney.com/news/rottweilers-are-extremely-dangerous-breed/#:~:text=Aug.,Rottweilers in the United States.

Aug. 21, 2019. Rottweilers, over the last fifteen years, are responsible for the second highest number of serious dog attacks in the country (See Dog Bite Study). The number of serious injuries caused by this breed is highly disproportionate to the number of Rottweilers in the United States

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Just now, Spock said:

It is something to do with the breed in that big dogs with strong jaws are more dangerous to people and pets than small dogs. Consequently a smaller dog can be poorly raised but never going to inflict as much damage as a large, powerful animal. This 'owners need to be educated' bit is really irrelevant in these poorly regulated SEA countries where owners select breeds for the wrong reasons and would not consider personal training as necessary.

Yes big/strong dogs can inflict more damage.


So what do you propose? A max weight limit? Height limit? Strength tests? 

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3 hours ago, webfact said:

He faces a month in jail and/or a 10,000 baht fine.

You know something's wrong with the Thai justice system when the fine is less than the hospital bill.


Owners should be forced to take out dog insurance to cover attacks by their animals.


In this case I'd like to see the family take this person for everything they own and refuse to pay the hospital bill until it was funded by the owner.

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