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Rented room will be locked by landlord


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15 minutes ago, itsari said:

The landlord has to apply for an eviction notice from a judge after giving the 7 days notice to the tenant .

The procedure can take many months .

So when he gets locked out, he can just kick in the door and stay?. Asking for a friend  :giggle:

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11 hours ago, d4dang said:

after being late with rent about two months I paid one month and promised to pay in full in two weeks. I then found a note on my door saying I would be locked out in 7 days. Is this legal? When I paid the one month there seemed to be no problem.


9 hours ago, d4dang said:

actually it is my next door neighbor....looks like he has to leave...legal or not

Looks like you can jog on also. When it looks like a troll and smells like one, as the saying goes.

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Just now, bogs smith said:

if you dont pay then go away.


i would have set the dogs on you by now if it were my property! 

Oh dear, hopefully you are not a landlord with that attitude 

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