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Has The World Gone Mad?

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sounds like that dating site is not good anyway if they banned you for no reason ...

try another site ....


but to be honest,   dating website are for desperado's ....  90% of the candidates are liars and scammers.

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The Rolling stones sang: You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometimes well, you might find, You get

what you need Oh, yea..


It used to be called PC, politically correct, thinking one thing but saying another when it come to be published,

and we all, at one point or another, being reminded that the world has its own rules which we suppose

to abide by despite what WE THINK it's right...

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1 hour ago, MangoKorat said:

In all honesty, I'm glad I'm the age I am because as far as I'm concerned, the world has gone mad.  We've gone from giving gay and transgender people equal rights in law - to which they are very much entitled, to utter madness.  There are websites and other places I believe, where you are not allowed to call someone 'he' or she' its 'they or 'them' - you must refer to them not as what they actually are, but as per how they 'identify'.


I dont have kids.

But do most kids who transition to ladyboys have good parenting?

We need to backtrack because the divorce rates are 50% or even higher.

I think that's the problem.

Most human beings cant keep a marriage together.

Kids coming from broken homes looking for an identity. 

Daddy working 80 hours a week. Mommy working 80 hours a week, even if they do stay together. 

You mind if I ask who how many times you've been divorced and how many kids from broken homes you've left behind?



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13 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

But as anything there will be a counter reaction.


I sadly think you are mistaken. I think the enemy within already won, and us poor misguided males just haven't realised it yet.

Lets hope I'm right. :wink:

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56 minutes ago, CDG931 said:

All forms of discrimination are condemnable.


It's a hook up site.  I don't think that's one of those aspects of life covered under equal opportunity rules. (Edit:  Not yet, anyway, but give it time)

I'm not a fan of kankles.  Most women don't want to date broke guys with bad breath.  I wouldn't want to waste my time and effort or the other person's if I'm not what they want, or they're not what I want. 


How is that any different than stating right up front that the OP doesn't date trans people?


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Just now, thaibeachlovers said:

We have to pass a test to drive a car, we have to abide by certain laws to own a dog, we have to be qualified to be a Dr or a nurse, or a lawyer, but to be a parent, which is more important than any of those we don't need any qualifications at all.


I's like to see psychological tests on wannabe parents and any that are obviously unsuitable sterilised. Obviously that's never going to happen, but there should be a penalty for those that make babies and then fail to be a good parent.



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2 hours ago, MangoKorat said:

No mate, I've had a lot of fun thanks to that site.


The good with the bad


2 hours ago, MangoKorat said:

Today my account has been banned from the app for 'hate speech' - I presume because of the 'No Trans' statement, they don't say.  Just banned me and no offer to refund the fee for Gold membership. An appeal is allowed but strangely the site does not offer the facility for someone to state why they are appealing - there is just a button to click that says 'appeal'. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I've offended Crypto Currency - in this screwed up world, who knows?


Sounds like the bad took over the good, with not so much fun anymore ?


2 hours ago, MangoKorat said:

IMHO, there is something very wrong with today's world.


You only just found that out ?


2 hours ago, MangoKorat said:

Will each one of us soon lose the right to choose the factual gender of our long term or sexual partners? Lose the right to choose what attracts us and what doesn't?


I would change your brand of coffee.


2 hours ago, MangoKorat said:

No mate, I've had a lot of fun thanks to that site.


I prefer AN, dating sites, can't say, I don't go on dates, as I don't want relationships, just the quickdraw McGraw.


In society today, there is control, whether on forums, apps and the like, if your words are picked up by the bots as offensive or contradictory to what is allowed, the bots will shut you down real quick and make if hard for you to get a response of prove your innocence, i.e. your proven guilty, end of story, it's a numbers game.


I recall I sent a link to someone on Messenger, as they asked for me to prove what I was saying, I was then banned from Messenger for violating their policy, them stating pornographic material was against their policy, I said W-T-F- and double checked what I sent, it wasn't porn much to my relief and I complained, and the ban was lifted that afternoon, no apology, no nothing, so welcome to the woke world of bots, guilty whether you like it or not, suffice to say, it doesn't have to be words, it can be links.

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