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Judge orders Trump and companies to pay nearly $355 million in civil fraud trial

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In the bigger picture I wonder if this begins to eat away at Trump's reputation even amongst his fans - he always seemed to have an allure amongst his base of somehow playing 3 dimensional chess and never having consequences until recently. 


Second is the moral argument. Is the the fact that charges had been laid on a fairly common occurrence, without actual victims, and the huge size of the penalty an indication of unreasonable bias. Could it tar all cases against him to the public as being motivated by bias. If it is based on some bias, is it bad to fight fire with fire,  if your opponent uses every dirty trick of legal and other manipulation,  to avoid consequences. Or are the charges and penalty fair and it is more his high profile that makes it noteworthy. 

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1 minute ago, Prubangboy said:

Sadly, sympathetic, very vague and conveniently unspecific "doubters" like you are virtually worthless.


He needs FACTS. Whenever he goes to court, he loses badly on FACTS. 


When I ask what facts favor him, TrumpTrash just runs away.

Yeah  ... but .. I would put the cases against him in 2 categories as many do. January 6, Georgia election stuff, I would include the Mar a Lago documents too because of the way he went about it. Serious. No doubt appears a strong case that had to be a thing based on objective law.

This one, the upcoming one on hush payments, I would put as a real thing, consistent with law,  but definitely an issue if the same charges - and the penalties for today's one - would have been pursued on the average joe.  I like it but there is an argument....

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10 minutes ago, Prubangboy said:

Your argument seems to be he's only Manson, not Pol Pot.


If you break the law and you get caught, you have to go to court.


And there you might well be assessed a penalty. Even if nobody was hurt by your lawbreaking.


I have a relative who got caught using someone else's credit card. The victim didn't want restitution, so practically a victimless crime. That relative will be picking up trash by the highway for a couple of years of Saturday's to come.


Because that's how the law works. She feels persecuted too.


That TrumpTrash bends over backwards and sideways pretending not to understand this is very disingenous.



I don't disagree but, it's all been said before, but it's  that equal justice and protections under the law principle.

As an outsider I see a stirring need for Trump to be taken to account on things he has done. There's many reasons I don't like Trump - over valuing properties to get bigger loans where they were all paid back  is at the lower end. I am playing devil's advocate to ask something - would have this and some other charges been pursued if it wasn't Trump. Not sure. 

I would personally focus criticism of Trump supporters on things like their acceptance of his support of dictators, trashing of democratic principles e.g. accepting outcome of elections etc etc. Though they should accept he did the wrong thing in this case I wouldn't consider it unreasonable for them to raise the issue of possible bias in the steps leading to todays findings. 


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