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Pattaya to become Southeast Asia’s premier destination


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9 minutes ago, AdamRich said:

Guys going out at night looking for hookers is considered a bustling nightlife?

TAT thinks that's what the world needs most

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Didn't they have this conversation literally 2 years ago making it a family destination after Covid


I understand it's location to Bangkok makes it ideal, but how exactly are they going to change it's image, shift out the expats or the hookers? 


Why not invest in Hua Hin, or another stretch of beach south of Bangkok, yes it would cost more to build up from scratch but easier to actually make family friendly.

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I have been hearing similar things for 15+ years, although 'premiere SEA destination' is a new one I believe. I almost spat my coffee out. I will say that I hope they clean up the place and the 'mini Pattayas' that exist across many tourist areas. Also the full moon party degeneracy. 

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1 hour ago, ryandb said:

Honestly I'm not that familiar but I thought Hua Hin was more family friendly? But Yes if they went with Hua Hin, Pattaya's reputation is well known. And my knowledge shows that Hua Hin doesn't have that rep. Wherever tourists go the women/men in dresses will (Phuket has Patong, Samui has Chaweng etc.) unless the Police do something about it, and we all know that a few baht will buy them off.


The best option would be investing in building out a brand new area with real investment where the government would have a reason to at least maintain it for 10 years for show

Problem with Hua Hin is that it's IMO a <deleted><deleted><deleted>.

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