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Thaksin Plans Electoral Changes to Counter Move Forward's Rise


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Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is quietly considering a significant change to the country's electoral system in an attempt to undermine the growing influence of the Move Forward Party.


According to sources within his Pheu Thai Party, Thaksin aims to abolish the party-list mode of electing MPs, a system that Move Forward has successfully utilised to gain substantial representation in parliament.


Under the current constitution, the Thai House of Representatives is composed of 400 constituency-based MPs and 100 party-list MPs.


Thaksin's proposal would see the entirety of the 500 parliamentary seats decided by constituency-based elections. This shift could potentially increase the number of constituencies from 400 to 500, making it more challenging for parties like Move Forward, which rely heavily on the party-list system, to maintain their influence.


The proposition stems from Thaksin’s observation that Pheu Thai’s chances against Move Forward are slim under the current system, as evidenced by the latter's success in the previous election. In 2023, Pheu Thai and Move Forward each secured 112 constituency-based MPs, with Move Forward outperforming Pheu Thai in the party-list category by 39 to 29 seats.


Sources indicate that Thaksin has been actively consulting with influential figures, colloquially known as "Big House" elements, across the provinces to consolidate his party's constituency-based power.


These discussions involve current and former MPs and cabinet members who exert substantial influence either through personal popularity, charitable deeds, or discreet financial support.


The move has drawn remarks from Sudarat Keyurapan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party, who revealed that Thaksin is leveraging his network to ensure Pheu Thai's dominance in future elections.


Since his controversial release from a brief stint in jail, Thaksin has been engaging with these crucial power brokers, signalling his continued involvement in Thai politics.


Thaksin’s strategy appears aimed not only at countering Move Forward but also at solidifying alliances with traditional political adversaries like Palang Pracharath and Ruam Thai Sang Chart, both of which currently support his administration.


In essence, Thaksin’s blueprint is a calculated bid to reshape Thailand's electoral landscape, potentially sidelining his most formidable opponents and ensuring Pheu Thai's supremacy in the next election.


Picture courtesy: Thai Rath



-- 2024-06-24


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8 minutes ago, lordgrinz said:

Inching closer to a Civil War, to tell you the truth, I think it's inevitable......but needed.

The next coup, which is already underway IMO vis a vis destabalisation of government, may very well be the catalyst.

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4 hours ago, mason 45 said:

Hypothetical. if the MFP were to get 100% of the votes at the next election, what next?

A definite dissolution of the party, with immediate effect and no need for court process. 😂

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