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Pattaya ready for what it hopes to be a 20% high season compared to the millions before

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Lucky tourists, will be tucked up in bed by 9pm after drinking their non alcoholic beer and touring the empty streets.

Is that the gay version of "boom boom" ?

deluded nonsense   I don't think too many tourists will be coming until they relax all the pointless red tape - Phuket being a fine example were it served mostly as a slightly better ASQ, (w

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14 minutes ago, riverhigh said:

I couldn't read the entire article, the BS was just too painful.  No entertainment, no alcohol, empty streets, mandatory mask wearing, covid tests .... might as well stay at home.

I wouldn't bother to fly out here now. Europe seems fun...but I ain't rushing back to UK

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5 hours ago, webfact said:

Previous high seasons saw 800,000 to a million visitors a month. Now the ambitious target was 200,000.

Ambitious is the correct word.

Expecting 20-25% of pre-Covid figures is pie-in-the-sky thinking

Try 5-10% on a favourable wind. 

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