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Firebrand Chuwit says GI’s in Vietnam war left "legacy of sex culture" in Thailand

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3 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Sure, sure. I've no doubt every young woman from a poor family in school dreams of working in a sweat shop for a pittance, and would never ever take the easy way to riches by engaging in sex with farangs.


Or from a HiSo Thai.


There is a house near us where beautiful girls arrive every almost every evening in their Mercedes and Audi (in red plates). Over the next couple of hours men turn up in all sorts cars. The party starts, everyone is happy (I assume). No need for soapy massage places. This is far more discrete.

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Pretty accurate but missed out the short time hotel scene and didn't enlarge on the 'number' hotels as 'locked brothels' with mainly Thai customers, and pale skinned, possibly underage girls. It's unclear if these still exist or if and why they faded out. The article finishes pointing out that P4P exited hundreds of years before GI RnR but doesn't really enlarge on its origins.

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