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Why do so many expats fall off their balconies in Thailand?


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It's a health and safety thing. I notice many balcony rails in Thailand are a lot lower than in UK and EU - due to building regulations. There don't seem to be te same height regulations in Thailand. ... or at least they're not enforced

Put that together with the expats age, weight and propensity for alcohol consumption, it's hardly surprising....



UK - In domestic and residential areas, railings on outdoor roofs and balconies must be at least 1.1 metres high. (= 3ft 7.3 inches) Any railing used on stairs or balconies must have gaps of under 99mm in all directions so that children can't pass between them. Ideally, they will achieve a visual contrast against their surroundings.

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Western regulations for balustrade protection are strict,  Thailand probably does not enforce these regulations. And expat’s go admiring the view when under the influence ????????‍♂️????????‍♂️????????‍♂️

The centre line of all handrails should be between 900mm and 975mm above the stair or ramp pitch line. For balustrades guarding landing areas and balconies the barrier should be a minimum of 1100mm above FFL, while centreline of the handrail should be between 900mm and 1100mm above Finished Floor Level (FFL).

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3 hours ago, Chris.B said:

The key word here is "fall" or "jump"?


I don't think many do fall, I think most jump. I also think most jump because they have run out of money.


PS. In the UK I believe balcony heights are 1.1 m.




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3 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

. One famous example was a former bar owner in Bangkok a couple of years ago. The story is that be wanted to climb from one high balcony to another. And he failed. And in the weeks before that he took a lot of risks. Was it an accident? Kind of...


That would be Darel. I'm not entirely convinced it happened the way the official report said it did.

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I think at the end of their lives, there could be many factors, that we just won't know, some that come to mind.


Excessive alcohol consumption.






Relationship breakups.


Old age.


Terminal illness.


Money issues.


Reminds me of a Hip Hop song from many moons ago, which I believe would still be relative in todays world.



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