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Any advantage for a foreigner to register his name in the Thai Registration Book (Blue Tabien Baan)?

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I am living in BKK on a Non-O Visa (by marrige). I am thinking of registering my name as a resident in our House Blue Book (Tabien Baan) which has my wife as the sole registered owner. What are the advantages of having that registration and how do I go about getting it done at our local district office?

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1 minute ago, connda said:

Like, you don't have to go to immigration to get a residence form that are required by some Thai bureaucracies, like the motor vehicle department.  I've got one.  It saves the occasional hassle of having to drive to immigration (30+ km for me).  Just saying.  It doesn't buy you much.

Interesting that you say Thai bureaucracies in the plural form.


I know some require it for vehicle registration, I don't as I get them registered in my wife's name. I also believe they are needed by some when applying for a driving licence, although my local office accepts a letter from the local police. I guess these two examples would be singular as it is the same department. What other instances are there where you have been asked for one?

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13 minutes ago, Peterw42 said:

Land office was in Bangkok, to do with wife selling a her house and I had to produce ID and sign the "not my house " document. DBD was to buy and become a director of company (house purchase) and they insisted on Pink ID as name already in Thai. Bank, I have opened and operate a (Thai name) bank account. Local Ampher was to put wife in previously blank blue book a friend in yellow book (I am housemaster in Yellow book).

All of the above, my passport stayed in the safe.

Like the DLT, you can keep using a passport for many things, or switch to yellow book/Pink ID (name in Thai script).

Very strange. I've only ever needed to produce a translated copy of my passport. Something I translated and certified myself.

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10 minutes ago, puchooay said:

Confirmed my point. 


Go to the top of the class. 5555


By the way it's Poo yai baan.



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