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Thailand Plans Year-End Ban on Recreational Cannabis


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Planning to increase registration fees for sellers significantly me thinks. Typical Thai governments legalise something,  then legislate laws at a later date. 

Some mothers do have em others let em live sadly 😂 

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3 hours ago, webfact said:


File photo for reference only


In a bid to assert greater control over recreational cannabis consumption, Thailand is set to impose a ban by the end of the year, according to statements from the country's health minister in an exclusive interview with Reuters.


Since blazing the trail in Southeast Asia with the legalization of medicinal marijuana in 2018, followed by the nod to recreational use in 2022, Thailand has witnessed a rapid proliferation of the cannabis market.


The landscape now boasts an abundance of tens of thousands of cannabis outlets, with industry projections soaring to a monumental $1.2 billion valuation by the upcoming fiscal year.


However, amidst this exponential growth, concerns have surfaced regarding the swift implementation of regulations, which were swiftly introduced within a week of decriminalization.


In response to these apprehensions, the Thai government is moving forward with drafting a comprehensive law designed to oversee cannabis consumption, slated for enactment by year-end.


Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew disclosed during a Wednesday briefing the urgency of establishing robust regulations, stressing the imminent risk of cannabis misuse, particularly in recreational contexts.


The proposed legislation is expected to undergo meticulous scrutiny within the cabinet next month, followed by parliamentary review, with the aim of securing final approval before the year's end.


"The detrimental effects of cannabis misuse on Thai children are concerning," he emphasized. "In the long term, it could potentially pave the way for involvement with other substances."


The preceding administration failed to pass legislation through parliament prior to the general election last May, leaving Thailand without a comprehensive law to regulate cannabis use, reported Reuters.


Cholnan further stated that cannabis shops operating unlawfully will not be permitted to continue, and domestic cultivation of cannabis will also be discouraged. He noted that currently, there are approximately 20,000 legally registered shops.


"In the forthcoming law, cannabis will be classified as a controlled plant, necessitating permission for cultivation," he explained. "We will encourage cannabis cultivation for medical and health-related purposes."


Under the proposed legislation, penalties for recreational cannabis use could include fines of up to 60,000 baht ($1,700).


Individuals involved in selling cannabis for recreational purposes or engaging in the promotion or marketing of cannabis products could face imprisonment of up to one year, a fine of up to 100,000 baht ($2,800), or both.


Furthermore, the draft law imposes harsher penalties for unauthorized cannabis cultivation, including prison sentences ranging from one to three years and fines ranging from 20,000 baht ($560) to 300,000 baht ($8,000).


The minister also emphasized that permits will now be required for the import, export, cultivation, and commercial use of cannabis.


Acknowledging the economic potential of the cannabis industry, the government intends to provide businesses with a transition period to adapt to the new regulations, Cholnan noted.


Existing shops will be allowed to operate until their licenses expire and have the option to convert into legal cannabis clinics if they comply with the new regulations. He also reassured that the new regulations would not adversely affect tourism.


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10 months to backflip, again, and again  and again, etc

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1 hour ago, PJ71 said:

Correct, nothing will change.


The gennie is too far out of the bottle, long may it continue.

Slight change … a doctor's prescription will be required to purchase medical maryjane … little brown envelopes will now change hands between retailers and the world renowned Thai medical professionals 

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Some enterprising doctors will open 5 minute script clinics handing out prescription for ailments such as nausea insomnia and backaches! If politicians were smart (if they were, they wouldn’t be in politics)

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Just now, Unclernie said:

Some enterprising doctors will open 5 minute script clinics handing out prescription for ailments such as nausea insomnia and backaches! If politicians were smart (if they were, they wouldn’t be in politics)

Well it depends if flower with any decent level of THC will be allowed or not for medical. 

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